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  • Pastor Tommy Coker

Daily Dependence

Scripture : Exodus 16: 21

Tuesday, July 16 2019

We've all read the story of how God rained down manna from heaven to feed the Israelites in the wilderness. The instructions were for them to gather of it each day according to number of persons in each tent . Just enough for each person to eat each day. They were not to gather more than they needed for that day and , Moses said to

them , " Let no man leave of it till the morning ." Nevertheless, some disobeyed Moses instructions and left of it till the morning and , it bred worms and stank.

The lesson here is , we are not to try and live on old manna . We cannot live today on yesterdays grace . God wants us to depend on him daily ! We are to seek Him each day and pray for our "daily bread ". So many times we are like these Israelites , we try to gather up enough on Sunday to last us till the next Sunday , instead of spending time each morning gathering manna for that day . Let's go to Him each day and He will provide our every need !

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