World Evangelism is the supreme task of the New Testament Church. At Vision, we strive to do our part as a local church in supporting missionaries who carry the gospel to other peoples and nations! Listed below are those missionaries we partner with both prayerfully and financially.

Missionaries Sent out of VBC


Trent and Shyenne Coker - Missionaries to a creative access country 

Missionaries We Support 

Eric and Rebekah - Missionaries to a creative access country

Wes and Rachel - Missionaries to a creative access country

Wes and Rachel are the first missionaries we took on for financial support.

Jordan and Celeste - Missionaries to a creative access country

Miguel and Mariangela Sanabria - Missionaries to Colombia, S.A.

"I am a church planting missionary to the country of Colombia. I left to find the American dream but instead I found a new life in Christ, and now I am going back to share the truth to the country of Colombia."

Rickey and April Howard - Missionaries to Utah and the Southwest US



"We are the Howard family; Rickey, April, Cash and Carter. God has call us to be church planting missionaries to the State of Utah and The Southwest U.S. We are sent out of Glade Baptist Church in Rydal, GA; under the leadership of Pastor Kyle Coker. We have partnered with Macedonia World Baptist Missions in order to reach our goal of reaching the State of Utah."

robert canfield.jpg

Robert & Kelli Canfield  - Missionaries to Continent of Africa



I believe God has indeed been preparing me this past decade to see some great things done.

courtney mathos.jpg

Courtney Mathos  - Missionaries to Bolivia



Courtney Mathos is a graduate of the Baptist Center for World Evangelism and spent 6 months in Cochabamba, serving alongside Kevin & Beth White and learning the language and culture.