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  • Pastor Tommy Coker

Moment by Moment

Scripture : Galatians 5: 16

Monday , July 15 2019

What does it mean to "walk in the Spirit ? A "walk" in the bible is often a metaphor for practical daily living . The Christian life is a journey and we are to walk this journey, always making forward progress. Walking in the Spirit should be the normal for all believers. To walk in the Spirit , we must first be "filled with the Spirit ." This means we are spending time daily in God's word and prayer...."Letting the word of Christ dwell in you richly "...and presenting ourselves before God , submitting to His will ! When our lives are lived according to the Word of God then , the Holy Spirit can guide us . To walk in the Spirit means , to yield to His control "moment by moment " , step by step , as we walk through our day ! When we do that , we find that sinful appetites have no more dominion over us , the flesh is crucified . When the Spirit is in control , He produces the fruit of the Spirit in and through us .... love , joy, peace , longsuffering , gentleness, goodness, faith , meekness, and temperance. The Christian life begins in the Spirit with

the new birth , and it is to continue in the Spirit as we yield to Him . Submit to Him today and He will lead you in the right way !...

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